Our Happy Ending Starts Now

Reflections on a Decade of Parenting

One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is to safely let them be kids while they are still kids.

Loving our children well means that we will find ways to help them feel our love in their heart so that they know deep down that they are fully accepted for who they are.

Parenting is the hardest job there is.

We can forge our own path in parenting and can do it differently than the way we were parented. 

Our different children may need different things from us because they were born with different personalities. 

The most important lessons our children learn from us are gleaned from how we live our own lives. 

We can trust God to help us, and he will.

As our kids get older, they will still need us—our listening ear, our empathetic heart, our soothing words, our comforting hug, our peaceful presence.

No parent is perfect, but getting better at effective parenting comes as we keep practicing.