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My Comment on a Blog Whose Writer Has Three Kids and a Doctorate

I found this blog when I was working on one of my writing submissions.  I think that the writer is thoughtful, funny, and refreshingly honest about the things we encounter in life.

Check out the comment I left on one of her posts.

     The link:


    My comment:

I found out about you on the MOPS Blog, and I just have to tell you how glad I am to have read this post.

It describes exactly what it is like some days. I have three children myself (ages 6, 3, and 1), and what stood out to me in your writing (besides the hilarious perspective you graciously put on your ventures) is the really helpful self-regulation technique of saying/thinking (even comically) something like “I’m a cool cucumber” even in the midst of very uncool situations.

Thank you for being an inspiration to women and for letting life shine through you in all its honesty.