Our Happy Ending Starts Now

Refrain from Taking Things Personally

It’s tough, I know.  But we cannot take personal offence to every negative thing that our children do or say.  We have to learn to let things go.  Like immediately.  If we hold on to things, they will fester.  And then they will cause way more trouble for us later as our collection of offences snowballs so much that we can’t stop it from rolling (well, crashing) into our daily interactions with our family.  Kids are kids—if their words or behavior is unacceptable, then it’s our job as their parent to steer them in a better direction.  But we do this out of love and wisdom, not from merely being offended by it.  Especially when kids are young, they might not know that they are being “rude” (for example)—so we can’t automatically assume that they are being intentional when something they say or do seems rude to us.  It does, however, create an opportunity for us to show them a better way of operating and interacting with others.