Displace Fear with Faith

There are plenty of opportunities in parenting to get boxed in by fear.  There are healthy levels of fear (which help us to take measures to keep our children safe), but in general, if and when fear comes, displace it with faith.  Straight-away.  No hesitation.  Just throw it back on God, and declare that you trust him and that you are dependent on his help.  This goes with everything—from decisions to responses to attitudes to what-ifs to real-life-catastrophes.  Let your faith in the great and good God of the universe push out all of the paralyzing fear that tries to come upon you—especially as it relates to your children.  You are doing everything you can—God recognizes this and responds to it.  And with the things that you can’t do anything about, God is aware of this, too.  He makes up the difference every time.

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