If You See Something, Say Something

There are some days when we really don’t know where to start or what to do when it comes to being good parents.  A general rule of thumb is to stay as alert as you can and to gently say something corrective when you see something (like behavior) that needs adjusting.  Much easier said than done, I admit, especially if you don’t want your children to feel bad for being children.  But we must say what needs to be said, and we must do what needs to be done.  Remember that safety is a priority in parenting.  If something is obviously unsafe, you gotta address it.  Children might not listen the first time (or the tenth time), but the whole idea is that you are the parent and so you will say parent-y things and do parent-y things.  If you are finding that you are needing to repeat yourself more than one or two times, then some logical consequences might be in order to communicate the importance of following directions and to encourage our children to do the right thing, especially when asked by a parent.  But regardless of whether or not our children do what they are supposed to do every single time, we can still have the attitude (and also demonstrate) that it’s up to us to be the loving, gentle parent who possesses effective supervisory skills—so if we see something [that shouldn’t be happening], it’s in our children’s best interest to say something [that will positively address the issue at hand].

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