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Challenging Children Make Us Better Parents

If you find yourself asking “why me” in regards to the challenging children you are parenting, keep this thought in mind: challenging children make us better parents.  Don’t get caught up in answering all the “whys” that come to mind.  Just do the best job you can with where you are at.  Challenging children often reveal to us the need for routine (for them and for us), the importance of emotions regulation (in them and in us), and the value of role modeling (for their benefit and for ours).  If it were easy to be a good parent (because anyone can be a parent—it’s being a good parent that requires a little more work), then we would really have little need to grow or to become better individuals.  We would just carry on as we were, be who we used to be, and give little thought to how we can expand ourselves to better serve the life we have brought into this world.  Parenting is a precious privilege—even more-so when the parenting road we are travelling creates challenge for us.