Think: I Am Separate from the People and Things around Me

You’ve got to be who you are and want to be.  You can’t just mimic other people all the time.  You can’t rely on others to give you cues.  And you can’t forever copy-cat behaviors and mannerisms that you glean from others.  You have to be you.  This is so important as a parent.  Owning yourself.  Your identity.  Your persona.  Your role.  And knowing your power and using it well (and fairly).  It’s easy to absorb everyone else’s way of being.  We deal with so much, and we are surrounded by so many other personalities.  It can get confusing at times to figure out who we are in the middle of it.  Everything gets kind of smooshed together.  So what helps is to remember our separateness despite our interconnectedness.  As a family, we are supposed to be close-knitted.  But you are still you.  Keeping this in mind gives us a greater ability to hold our own, stand our ground, maintain our stance, and remain steady in the face of rather tumultuous happenings (a daily occurrence, we find out quickly with young children).  Our confidence grows the more we get to know and become comfortable with who we are—even while we are yet making our way through the often-feeling web of getting to know who our children are.

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