Disregard the Unpleasantries

Whenever you resolve to go a certain way—a better way—you will inevitably come up against some difficulty.  Difficulty within yourself, difficulty outside of yourself, and just difficulty in general.  Positive change is hard.  But it is possible, and it does happen as a result of hard work, dedication, and focus.  What you will have to do, almost at every turn at first and only occasionally the longer you walk this road, is to disregard the unpleasantries.  Simply, stop paying attention to all the things that cause you discomfort, pain, sadness, and craving.  Put your time, attention, and energy somewhere else—preferably on the thing you are hoping to improve upon.  In the case of child-friendly parenting, keep your focus on nurturing positive, upbuilding, trusting, and strong relationships with your children and spouse/significant other/co-parent.  Ignore everything else.  At least for now.  Things will not be exactly like you want them.  Not for a while.  (Young children are very demanding!)  So concentrate your energy in the direction of contributing to a flourishing family and home life.

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