Light a Candle

Candles create ambiance.  So light a candle to create the ambiance that the holidays seem to summon, wherever and however the holidays find us.  We don’t have to light a million candles.  Just one, really.  I have a large one on the stove.  It’s in a semi-central location for our home, and I like the atmosphere it creates.  Lighting the candle signifies the warmth we bring to our families and the clarity we hope to contribute to in their lives and futures.  Light is symbolic of truth, and the truth is that the holidays are meant to be a time of celebration and repose.  If we are feeling anything other than those things, then let us take inventory of why we might think that is.  Let there be light in our own lives.  And let there be joy and peace.  If there is not, let us do what we need to do to open our lives up to a happier, more restful season.

The type of candle you light is up to you, depending on your preferences.  The good ones with the seasonal fragrances are always delightful.  But no one says you have to spend a lot to create the right mood with a candle.  If you don’t like the smell of candles (or certain smells give you a headache), then select ones that fit with your needs.  You can find fragrance-free candles or even candle warmers so that you don’t even have to have an open source of fire in your house if you don’t prefer that.

Let the candle represent an eternal flame of peace and love in your home.  As you light it, let it signify your nurturing touch, warming the hearts of your family members and causing your children and your spouse to feel loved and cherished for simply being who they are.

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