Make Peace with God, Your Family, and Yourself

If your soul is troubled, get to the root of it.  In this time of searching out meaning and answers and origins of problems, it is important to cover three main areas: our God, our family, and ourselves.  God is speaking to us continuously, and if we will listen, we will receive direction for our lives and wisdom to make good decisions.  Many of us are unsettled in life because we haven’t yet turned to God with our lives and hearts.  We need to do this first if we ever want real peace.

And we need to mend what we can with regards to our own family.  If we are married and/or have children, we have a responsibility to these people in our lives to hold up our end of the relationship.  If we want peace this Christmas, let us work for it at home.  It is no easy task, but it is within our capacity to complete (understanding that the work of relationships is ongoing).

It’s also important to make peace with ourselves.  This is where a lot of letting go happens.  As we prepare for a joyous holiday season, we have to come to terms with some things—like the fact that we aren’t and will never be perfect.  Like the understanding that sometimes we have done all we can do in a particular area (whatever it is—be it relationships, work, life).  Like the hard truth that there will always be something we can work on, some area that we can participate in fine-tuning within ourselves.  So while we learn to accept that the point of the holidays is not to impress or to achieve perfection in appearances, we are also learning that we can keep growing and becoming stronger—in an inside-out kind of way.

If Jesus is our peace (and God with Us he is), then it honors him when we allow our lives to reflect his peace in all ways.  This may not be an over-night turnaround thing, but as long as we are on the right track and going the right direction, then we can rest easy knowing that everything is rolling along as it should be.  When we are at peace with God, we can then be at peace with others and ourselves because having peace with our God frees us to lay down whatever we might have been holding against others and ourselves.

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