Let the Holiday Magic Last All Year

Once Christmas is over (and New Year’s, too), sometimes we might be tempted to breathe a sigh of relief now that that’s over and carry on with the rest of the year as we always have.

But this year, consider proceeding a little differently.

Emerge from this holiday season with purpose and perspective.

May we let our vision for a merrier future and our intent to make good on the part we have to play in it all carry us through the year yet young as we continue spreading the holiday magic wherever we go.

Not that we will be singing Christmas carols in June (though they make excellent lullabies).

But that we will be singing a jolly tune in our heart and seeking to make other people’s lives brighter because we brushed shoulders with them.

Our families will be warmer and closer as we spread the joy of loving and laughing and cooking and cleaning (it’s hard to be happy in a neglected environment).

Our relationships with our children and our spouse will be stronger all the more because we will be deliberately pouring our heart into their lives.

The holiday season can be both The Big Event that we work up to all year as well as The Warm Up Act for the rest of the year to come.

And, truly, it marks the essence of our livelihood—that home is where the heart is and that family is heaven on earth.

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