Learn to Live with It

It.  The cross that we must bear.  Whatever it is.  We all have something.  For us, the caring parent, seeking to nurture our families well, sometimes what we must endure (and learn to live with/work around/deal with/manage/mitigate/dance with/let go of/pay no mind to) is the constant stream of frustration and ensuing negative emotions (like anger!  and disappointment!  and felt-under-appreciation!) that somehow can end up flooding our day while holding us back from a  general “up” and feel-good day.  The most important thing we can do right now—while we are in the middle of everything—is to simply get good at recognizing the negative stuff and then letting it be.  We must learn to live with it—accept it, even, for what it is.  This doesn’t mean that we have to befriend it or endorse it.  It just means that we are able to identify the stuff that has the potential to drown out our day (as well as our light-hearted, good-natured mood) and then actively pay no attention to it.  We don’t have to pick it up.  We don’t have to carry it.  We don’t have to figure it all out and analyze how and why it is there.  Right now, we just don’t have time to do that, and we certainly don’t have the mental and emotional capacity to explicate the unpleasant feelings that visit us.  What will help us the most—right now—is to let it be while we focus our efforts on what matters more to us (accomplishing our goals for the day and our life).  This will require us to exercise self-control because we won’t be able to indulge ourselves at every [negative] emotional whim.  But we can handle this.  It’s for our benefit as well as our family’s, and that’s where our eyes our fixed.

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