Know Your Triggers–and Account for Them

It’s important to know your triggers—both the positive ones and the negative ones.  And then once we know them, it’s important to account for them in our life.  In doing this—knowing the triggers and accounting for them—we can boil things down to a manageable and practical formula for effective living in general and effective parenting in particular (if we can fairly call anything a mere formula—because nothing is ever as simple as x = y +1, unless it’s actual math).  So the aforementioned formula goes something like this: Once we know (and hopefully come to understand) what triggers a negative/unhealthy/vicious cycle and what triggers a positive/healthy/victorious cycle, then we can stay away from our negative triggers (to decrease the negative/unhealthy/vicious cycles) and embrace our positive triggers (to increase the positive/healthy/victorious cycles).


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