Giving Makes Happy

Have you ever heard the saying that it is more blessed to give than to receive?

One way to interpret that is by viewing our happiness as something that we can only ever truly possess if we are willing to give happiness to someone else, in some form.

This is where generosity of spirit comes in and forgiveness and joyfulness and peacefulness.

Kind people (genuinely so) are the happiest people on the planet because they gave discovered (whether by choice or by expectation (e.g., parentification and everything related to the effects of parentification)—or whether intentionally or coincidentally) that it’s the giving of ourselves to others that makes us happy at the end of it all.

That is why parents have the greatest opportunity on earth to become the happiest people ever known because we have the daily choice of giving of ourselves to our children and the person we made our children with.

Happiness is not so much a state of mind to attain or an objective to achieve or some thing to be had because we did all the right things to create a conducive environment for it.

Happiness is, more so, the way that we live our lives.  It’s the bent of our existence.  It’s the why and the how and the who all mixed together.

In that, it’s the giving that makes the happy.

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