Think Slowly, Act Rationally, Live Happily

If there existed a formula for success, it would be something like this: think slowly, act rationally, live happily.

We have a reason to care about thinking slowly—it helps us make good decisions as people and parents.  We don’t need to react to everything but instead can respond thoughtfully and purposefully, especially to our children as we parent them well.

We also have a reason to act rationally.  We can think our way through and out of tough situations, especially when we feel that we have hit a dead-end with our kids somehow.

And lastly, we are free to live happily—because we have a choice in it.  It (the happiness we seek) bubbles up from within us as we make more and more choices that align with our life goals.  We don’t even have to try to be happy because we just are happy.  That is the difference between the life we are living now and the life we used to live (where all we knew was striving).  This is all the more reason to keep going, to keep caring, and to keep our eyes focused on what matters most as we continue to show unconditional love to ourselves and our family.

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