Like when your baby just won’t fall asleep at night and you are so so so so tired and exhausted—DON’T get mad (even though you have reason to feel it—and if you feel it, then acknowledge it—but we don’t have to act on it or dwell on it longer than however long it takes to feel it)—SEPARATE!  Know intellectually that you need to be calm and long-suffering (patient) and that eventually, YES, things will balance out again.  View this moment as a drop in the bucket in the grand scheme of life.  And just try the best you can to stay relaxed and restful even though you really do need more sleep.  Recognize that how you feel about something (like wanting your children to fall asleep even though they are taking more time with it than you might prefer) is separate from how you choose to handle yourself in a given situation (like choosing to remain calm and encouraging and warm with your children even when they aren’t doing what you want them to do).  We are not equivalent to our emotions—we can choose how we want to be even in the midst of experiencing negative emotions. 

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