The [Total] Effect of Anything is Cumulative

Which is why it’s important to grow CONSISTENCY and DISCIPLINE (think of exercise/strength training and saving money/building credit—these activities are not that different from personal development in that all of these ventures require us to have goals and to actively and consciously work toward those goals over time).  Keep at it!  Don’t you dare stop!  (Resting is okay.  Stopping completely is not).  If we haven’t seen much effect from all of this self-awareness work, it might be on account of three things.  One—we aren’t that serious about it.  Two—we haven’t stayed in it long enough.  And three—we’re attempting to do it all in our own strength.  The answer to one is that we can get serious about it by choosing to simply do it, no matter how we may feel about it (aren’t you tired of letting your feelings dictate your day?).  The answer to two is that we just need to stay in it a little longer.  Have some faith in the process of growth (which is often a long process but one that brings about fruit nonetheless).  And the answer to three is that it helps greatly if we can find a divine anchor for our souls.  We really and truly can’t do anything apart from God.  So with regards to becoming better and better at this child-friendly parenting thing, it is important that we keep going (Don’t give up!  Keep going!  Keep trying!  Keep caring!), that we understand that the road is a long one (Don’t get discouraged!  Take heart in the fact that you’re on the right path and that you’re going the right direction and that eventually you will make measurable progress!), and that we need a spiritual anchor (Don’t try to do this all yourself because you can’t!  Call out to God: “God, help me!” and he will).

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