Feel Your Feelings–All of Them!

Just as you let your negative emotions flow out of you (by feeling them and then releasing them), let your positive emotions flow through you (by feeling them and releasing them) so that you don’t get clogged up inside!  I wondered why I was still getting headaches even though I didn’t feel nearly as anxious about social things anymore (in fact, I was excited), but then I realized that it was because I wasn’t letting my excitement flow.  And in the same way our negative emotions clog us up if we don’t let them flow (OUT of us), our positive emotions can clog us up, too, if we don’t let them flow (THROUGH us) all the same.  So, FEEL your FEEL-INGS!!!!!!!!!!!!  All of them!   The trick is that we shouldn’t hang on to them, hold on to them, cling to them, dwell on them, or stop them (like a stopper does in a glass bottle).  Let them FLOW!!!  Let your feelings flow and be fluid—THAT is how we get healthy and stop having physical symptoms like pain whenever there is something coming up (like a social appointment, for example).  This is not any different from how we teach our children to identify what they are feeling so that they can learn how to best deal with their feelings.  We can learn alongside them as we, too, get better at mitigating our complex emotions, both the positive and the negative.

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