Comfort Is Key

Physical comfort, yes.  Like shoes that don’t hurt your feet and pants that don’t hurt your belly.  But also emotional comfort.  Nurturing our families can be summed up in a few words sometimes, and one of those words would be comfort.  Not no accountability (as in, we seek to make everyone comfortable so that they don’t have any responsibilities in life—no, not this).  But comfort in the heart.  Hugging, soothing, speaking kind words, having an attentive and understanding expression on our face while listening.  Being an encouragement.  Breathing goodness into the souls of our children and our spouse.  That kind of comfort.  Because this type of comfort is the key to creating a home that everyone wants to be in.  A litmus test of sorts for the kind of homes we are building would be, “Is it comforting?”  “It is welcoming?”  “It is warm with love?”  “Does everyone feel included?  Like they belong?  Like they are noticed?  Like they are special?  Like they matter?  Like their thoughts and feelings matter?”  And for us: “Do we soothe their hurts?”  “Do we comfort them when we sense that they need comfort?”  Without comfort, our homes would be rather empty.  Comfort is what makes a home homey!

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