Repeat This Comforting Thought: “Nobody’s perfect—and neither am I!”

Be comforted by this.  It should put us at ease that everyone else is in the same boat as we are.  We are not perfect!  And no one else is, either!  But even better is to realize that we are not an exception.  Like, everyone else is somehow perfect and acceptable already, and we are the only ones who have to work at it because for some reason perfection is the standard.  Nope, this is all backwards.  Nobody is perfect.  Which means that we are also not perfect.  Which means that we are not supposed to try to be perfect.  Because perfection isn’t a real goal.  Progress is.  Perfection is not.  We are not the special ones who must strive and achieve perfection to catch up with everyone else (or to simply be better than everyone else).  No one is better than anyone else.  We are all the same in that we are all imperfect.

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