When We Lose It

No matter how hard we try to not lose it, we may still in fact lose it.  When this happens, the main thing to keep in mind is just to try again and to not perpetuate the losing-of-it over and over again.  The one thing worse than losing it when you’re trying so hard not to is to keep the losing-it train moving.  The train needs to be stopped and we need to make amends as needed.  This is how we get better.  By acknowledging that we were wrong in our choice of behavior (no matter what the trigger may have been) and by doing our part to make things right.  It doesn’t mean that we are a bad person.  It means that we are human.  A human who is trying to choose the better side of the track to travel on.  We will feel guilty about losing it, yes.  This is normal and good because it shows us that our conscience is working.  What is important for us to do now is to not allow the guilt to spiral out of control where it then keeps us from moving forward despite our setbacks.  This is all part of forgiveness—forgiving ourselves for making a mistake, forgiving others for pushing our buttons, and forgiving God for giving us free will.  So—when we fall down, let’s get back up and keep going.

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