Our Happy Ending Starts Now


If you’ve got to do something that you really don’t want to do (like going to certain functions or being around certain people at social events), then one way to go about doing it without losing your balance is to float through it.  View the thing in terms of time (“It’s only one and a half hours.”), and decide to be the way you want to be (“I’m going to be my regular happy self.”).  If the circumstances or the people present a challenge to your resolve to be the way you choose to be, then brush it off.  Do not let it stick.  You are floating, right?  Floating things don’t let the dust stick to them.  In the same way, we will not let negativity or toxicity attach itself to us because we are free from all of that.  There is no need to weigh ourselves down with anything by which we wish not to be weighed down.