Stay Current

As we move through our life and all the stages within it, more and more important becomes the need to stay current with things.  From the physical realm of decluttering and organizing to the emotional realm of moving on and staying fluid to the mental realm of working towards goals and expanding present interests, we flow better in it all when we aren’t stuck too much in the past or living too much in the future.  Resist the urge to stagnate, to become complacent, or to escape this present reality altogether by not facing what is right now.  This doesn’t mean we need to move around a hundred times to prevent stagnation or have a million things going at once to prevent complacency or become so immersed in the present problems that we forget that we can work through them and then grow beyond them.  It just means that we stay current in our life stages.  We face things.  We deal with things.  We handle any hurt we might feel in the process.  And we find a way forward.

As this applies to being parents of young children, it helps us do our job better if we make solid attempts to move with our children as they move through their growing up stages.  Something as simple (though is it ever?) as dealing with the too-small clothes keeps us from forgetting that our children aren’t babies anymore and that they are growing into young men and women themselves.  Switching out the pictures on the wall periodically is another simple way to keep things current.  And listening well when our children talk about their day and their interests help us to continue to get to know them as they grow up instead of perpetually seeing them as a one-year-old.  Staying current not only helps us as we age, but it helps our children and our spouse because they can feel that we are treating them as the person they are today and not as who we are clinging to from the past or hoping they will become in the future.

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