Our Parenting Journey Overlays Our Other Journeys

Not too many of us have the privilege of parenting in a vacuum where all we do is be around our kids and do nothing else with our life.  Most of us have outside jobs we’re holding down, and if we don’t, then there’s at least a million things to do around the house to keep it running while our children do their own running around the house.  We aren’t the ones who have maids and nannies and governesses and cooks to assist us in tending to our children and managing our homes.  We either do it all ourselves or participate in more of the group-help type of system (childcare centers and restaurants with take-out come to mind), which is simply more affordable in general than private service.  So the very fact that we have other things going on in our lives at the same time as the raising of our children means that we will be going through multiple journeys at a time—and whether they be professional or personal, they all will be transformational in some aspect because who we are with children is not exactly the same as who we were without them.  We have the opportunity to become more developed individuals as a result of being parents, and this growth transfers to other areas of our lives if we allow that to happen (and we should).  Our parenting journey overlays our other journeys, and this is what contributes to deepening the multi-facet-ness of our life and our identity.

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