Be Cool

Try, try, try your best not to freak out over every little thing.  I know it’s hard—especially if we’re going through the change (which is surprisingly not much different from pregnancy except that it’s more intense, if you can imagine that).  But if you can just try not to overreact to everything, then you’ll be helping yourself out a lot as you move through your day and your weeks and your months.  (You’ll be helping your kids out, too, and contributing positively to the enjoyable feeling-tone of your home that you’ve been working so hard to cultivate.)  Be cool.  Keep your head screwed on.  (It’s the only way I can put it.)  Tell yourself that it’s simply not a big deal (whatever it is that you are tempted to lose it over).  Breathe through the discomfort.  (Breathe, I said!)  Let the wave of it (is it panic, fear, irritation?) pass.  And then resume your day.  Do not try to drag the stuff with you.  Let it pass.  And do not pick it up.  Continue on only after you’ve regained control of yourself.  (Don’t you find that if you try to carry on as usual before you’ve actually dealt with whatever it is that is irking you that it just compounds what you’re feeling?)  So regain control of yourself (because, yes, you can control yourself).  And then stay in control of yourself (because, no, you don’t have to lose it just because it’s the logical thing to do in your given situation—kids, for example, will always equal some form of chaos in your life, and that is just something that we will need to learn to work around and live around while we love them right through it all).

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