Remember to Use Your Real Voice

We are still getting the hang of this one, true.  Before we had kids, we caught on rather quickly.  Remember our professional days?  We figured out how to fit right in.  Finding the right voice was part of the trick.  But now, using our real voice is part of this trick of parenting our children with true love and honest sincerity (seems redundant, but I think we must make the distinction now—not all love is true is and not all sincerity is honest).  We have spent so much of our lives blending in and using voices other than our own to gain acceptance in whatever sphere of living we were a part of at the time.  But now—now, it’s vitally important that we develop our own voice. Because this is our sphere of living and no one else’s.  We don’t have to strip our voices of nuance anymore—all the nuance that naturally comes with our voice.  And we don’t have to be self-conscious about anything anymore—we are free to be exactly who we are without any apologies.  This is one of the hugest benefits of doing what we do now—our children and spouse benefit from our being ourselves.  This includes sounding like us and not anyone else.  Who cares if we talk too high or too low or too fast or too slow?  What does it matter if we use long words or short words, many words or few?  If we let love shine through our words, then that is the most important thing.  Our real voice (however it sounds or doesn’t sound) melds to the love we emit. That this is what makes our voice ours!

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