What to Do about the Negativity

Sometimes we are doing everything we can do to help ourselves and yet there are forces around us that seek to unsteady us.  (Do you know how frustrating and despairing it is to try to better yourself but to have people and circumstances in your life that are (seemingly) working against you and (seemingly) actively so?)  Negativity is a simple thing that will undermine everything you’ve worked for and hoped for if it is left unchecked.  So what are we to do about the negativity?

Check it.  Recognize the negativity as the negativity that it is.  To ourselves: “There’s the negativity.”

Give it right back.  However it comes to you, whether from your own thoughts or from someone else’s attitude, don’t hang on to it.  Send it back where it came from.  To ourselves: “Nope, I’m not keeping this.”

Let it lie there.  Don’t share it, don’t try to solve it, don’t carry it, don’t analyze it, don’t let it affect you in any way whatsoever.  Carry on with your life and with a can-do attitude.  To ourselves: “Well, whatever.  I’m going to keep doing what I know I need to do.”

Correct it.  Find the untruth in the negativity and come up with a statement that is more accurate.  To ourselves: “No, it’s not completely useless.  What I am doing here matters, and every little bit that I can accomplish makes a difference because it’s less that needs to be done later.”

Replace it.  Whatever the negativity is and regardless of the extent of the negativity, we can replace it all with something positive, uplifting, and encouraging to our soul.  Find a scripture verse that speaks to you and write it out.  Listen to a good song.  Read a good book.  Eat something delicious.  Change the station in our head to broadcast helpful messages to us instead of messages that tear us down.  In this way, we dissolve the negativity so that it stops weighing us down.

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