Address What Truly Needs Fixing

We’ve all got our hang ups.  Nothing brings those hang ups to light quite like having kids does.  I think that’s why many people simply don’t have kids—because they already know that it would be way too much to have to face our deep-rooted stuff up close.  But even so, we can still forge forward, believing that there is a good and loving God who will help us through the most challenging of times.  He, after all, created us and wants us to depend on him for every breath that we take.  So when something comes to our attention as needing fixing—when our hang ups can’t be ignored and when we are coming to a place where we can admit that we need to adopt a healthier and happier way of operating—it’s time to address it.  If something truly needs fixing, let’s get to it.  Let us waste no more time wallowing around in the whys and the how-comes and the only-ifs.  Just do what needs to be done and move on—so that in the moving on, we can experience a greater freedom and enjoyment that we were meant to have in this life.  Our hang ups only hold us back and weight us down.  Let us take responsibility for what is our power to change, and let us do what needs to be done.  We will love parenting much more, and our relationship with our children will be much more loving and warm.  This is one of the main, overarching goals of this whole parenting journey.  Let there be love and warmth and light and goodness.

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