Say Your Piece

     The point of saying our piece is not necessarily to convince anyone to change their mind or to assert our power over anyone.  It’s really to keep our consciences clear and clean.  Is this selfish?  Not exactly.  It’s self-care.  It’s taking care of our emotional and mental states (which both affect our physical state).  So if there’s something that we need and want to say, then we need to say it—not just for other people’s sake, but for our sake as well.  It’s so that we can give ourselves the satisfaction of doing all we can really do—which is to speak our mind.  If we don’t agree with something or if we simply have something to say, it’s for our benefit as well as those who hear our words to say what it is that we have to say.  We are respecting ourselves enough to give ourselves a voice in the situations we find ourselves in.  We don’t have to do it disrespectfully or combatively.  We can do it gently and softly and with compassion.  The point is to simply do it, to say our piece so that we can be at peace.   

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