Remember to Take Deliberate Breaths

     Taking deliberate breaths helps us to live more slowly—to think more slowly, to act more slowly.  A lot of the difficulty we may have in our efforts to stop being pulled into ineffective life habits (like letting frustration get to us instead of breathing it out and letting it go) is connected to the simple fact that we live our lives too fast.  We are fast thinkers, fast talkers, fast workers.  Everything we do is efficient and time conscious.  So it’s no wonder that we are falling into the trap so much of being reactionary.  Being thoughtfully responsive to our environments—no matter who we are dealing with!—requires us to think a little bit more slowly.  To walk through things a little bit more slowly.  This can be rather painful for us because we like to check things off and get to the next thing.  But if we want to really function well in the healthy cycles (instead of being yanked around in dysfunctional ones), then it is imperative that we intentionally slow ourselves down.  Taking deliberate breaths helps with this.  Enjoying the journey is one of the main objectives of the journey—so it is not shameful to slow things down a bit, especially if the emotions regulation thing is still tricky for us. 

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