Hang on a Little While Longer

     We will have moments—and entire days—where the joy in parenting might just not be there.  It is important that we not lose hope or sabotage the progress that we have made up until this point.  (The progress we have made is evident in the person we are becoming and the kind of parent we are to our children and the health of our relationship to all of our children as well as our spouse and to ourselves.)  We can still choose to be gentle and patient and kind.  We do not ever have to feel like rudeness or dismissiveness or selfishness or any other un-constructive path is our only choice when we are having nerve-wracking days.  We always have a choice in the matter, and what helps is if we can see that we only need to hang on a little while longer.  Not forever.  Not indefinitely.  But just a little while longer.  Just until the end of these few minutes.  Just until the end of this day.  Just until the end of this developmental period shifts to the next one (because after the twos come the threes, and after the threes come everything else!).  We do not have to do it all in one fell swoop.  Just this moment, then the next.  That gives us reason to hope, which flickers on our joy once again—which helps us endure these tough time spans in our parenting journey.      

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