Show You’ve Got This by the Way That You Carry Yourself

     We are not new to stress and high-pressure situations.  In fact, we grew up in them!  We have become masters at mastering our stress because it was a survival choice.  If we had not chosen to adapt to our environment, then we would not have made it this far (or very far).  We know this.  So now that we may be feeling the weight of the stress that is currently in our lives (which is to be expected once we become a parent and take seriously the responsibility of being a good parent), it is not the time to cite tiredness as a reason to stop doing what we know to do.  We know to take care of ourselves and to prioritize our daily to-do lists.  We know to let things go that aren’t worth spending energy on.  We also know that we will get through this.  So it’s important now and forever that we show that we’ve got this by the way that we carry ourselves.  We can exude confidence (which in turn grows more confidence) by the posture we adopt and the air we maintain about ourselves.  We aren’t going for arrogant (because that is foolish).  We are going for confident (and there’s a huge difference between arrogance and confidence).  We are going for cool and collected.  Grounded.  Inside we might be shaky and unsure.  But it never helps anyone to let what we feel on the inside determine the stance that we take on the outside.  It is possible that we feel stuck in the past because we haven’t taken steps forwardin the direction that we want to go—and carrying ourselves a certain way is part of that forward-ness. 

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