As Funny As This Sounds, Relax Your Face

     When we relax our face, we will find that our confidence increases.  We can still smile when we want to and make other faces as we see fit, but we don’t have to keep our faces tense 27/7.  We might think that if we let our face fall then we will look like we are angry or that we will have a permanent scowl on our face that makes us look like uninviting people.  But anger and scowls are perceived (as happiness and smiles are) by the way our muscles scrunch up to form those expressions.  We can relax our face and simply look relaxed.  We will feel it around our eyes and around our mouths.  The muscles are just at rest.  By keeping our faces relaxed, we are much more able to use our eyes to communicate as we listen to others, and our smiles, then, can be much more purposeful and have a greater effect when we are choosing to give out a smile.  Something as little as this—relaxing our face—can help us in such a big way as we go through this trek of parenting our children day after day because it gives us one more piece that we can control in a positive way so that our joy can be full (remembering that our joy tends to flourish as we realize what all we do have control over) regardless of the difficulties that arise in parenting as they always do.   

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