When We Need a Lift

Scripture Reading:

     “But you, O LORD, are a shield about me, / my glory, and the lifter of my head” (Psalm 3:3 ESV).


     We all have days that are oh-so-low.  Lucky for us, our God is not only our Shield and our Glory, but he is the Lifter of Our Head.  This means that he is there for us and that he will help us to endure whatever it is that is troubling us.  We can trust God to protect us, all around (“a shield about me”), on every side, from every attack.  And we can rest in his magnificence (“my glory,”) without worrying that our “glory days” might be behind us.  Our glory days are now, in God, as we look to him to help us and as we worship him now for the Great God that he is.  God’s presence shines upon us, giving us a radiance about us that breaks through any darkness that might try to encroach upon our lives.  God’s glory repels all unholy-ness and scatters it far away from us.  And we can be assured that our hope is found in God, who reaches out his loving hand and lifts up our head so that we do not stay low forever. 

Prayer of Response:

     Dear God, hold me now as I am going through this low time.  Surround me with your love and protection, and help me to find my glory in yours.  Thank you for lifting my head, and for giving me hope in times of trouble and sadness. 

Confession of Faith:

     Lord, you are a shield about me.  You are my glory.  You are the lifter of my head (Psalm 3:3 ESV).

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