In This to Finish

     Because of the privilege of parenting, we have the chance to become, truly, a better version of ourselves—the best version of ourselves, actually.  This is our chance.  Plenty of people don’t take it.  It’s far easier to give up and give in (and not at least try to be the best parent they can be).  But it will feel far better—and sit better with our conscience—if we cross the finish line after all.  No matter how long it takes (because sometimes it takes a while for us to really get it with some things—especially as those things relate to our children).  We might not be first or second.  We might not even rank at all (you know, on the “parent of the year” list).  But we will get where we need to go because we are determined to keep caring and to keep trying.  In contrast to the mindset of “in it to win it,” we are, rather, in this to finish—which is infinitely more important.      

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