Taking Good Care of Our Body Helps Us Get Happy

     For happier living, it helps us greatly to remember that our body is an important part of the picture.  We don’t all have to look like models or have a flawless physique or be perfect in any way other than being fully ourselves.  But we do all carry the responsibility of taking care of this one body we were born with and doing what we can to stay healthy and fit.  It doesn’t mean we all need to be marathon runners or Ninja Warriors.  It just means that we make time in our day to move and to eat nourishing foods.  If we can purposefully exercise multiple times a week for the rest of our lives, we are doing well.  If we can consciously eat fruits and vegetables every day and drink plenty of water, we are doing well.  Making small changes can have noticeable positive effects on our physical wellness and our overall sense of well-being—which is all part of the happiness objective.

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