Taking Good Care of Our Mind Helps Us Maintain a Happy Mindset

     Since happiness is a mindset (and not something we discover or obtain per se), that means that we can be happy now, as a matter of choice.  For some of us, it might take a little longer than a few moments to get there because of all the unlearning we have to do as we simultaneously make room for all of the new habits we long to create.  But once we understand that happiness is not something that we can merely seek but something instead that we choose for ourselves, then we are able to shed ourselves of all the unrealistic, impractical, and false ideas that we have of what happiness is and looks like and feels like in our life.  The truth is that nothing can go our way—yet we can still have joy in our heart.  How can this be?  It is because happiness is not something that we come upon externally but something we step into internally.  And taking good care of our mind helps us maintain the kind of mindset we need to get happy and stay happy.  We can take good care of our mind by nurturing it with wholesome information and by growing it with challenging information.  We pull up the weeds through research and study, and we plant seeds by always expanding our pool of knowledge.  We are always learning new things.  The moment we stop learning and growing is the moment that happiness eludes us.  So the best defense against the dreaded unhappiness is to take good care of our mind so that our mental framework for happiness stays strong. 

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