We Can Let Go If We Choose to

    Sometimes we think that it is impossible to let go of something that is standing in the way of our greater healthiness, happiness, and wholeness.  But, really, we can let go if we choose to do it.  It may require us to redistribute our energy and our focus (which is the actual hard part when we get down to it since it can be easier to be distracted by the looming things instead of consciously putting attention where it truly matters for us).  But it is possible, nonetheless.  Do you feel the rush of cool water inside your chest that runs through your arms and out through your fingers?  That is the release of the stress and the tension that we are holding on to when we refuse to set down all of the things that really aren’t ours to carry.  We will feel a warmth and a settled-ness in the center of our heart (or at least that’s where and how I feel my okay-ness).  Let this be a gauge for us when we are in the middle of the tough stuff of life—and the better we can get at immediately releasing tightness in our muscles and rejecting the toxicity that others may be trying to put on us, the more quickly we can return to a state of centeredness and equilibrium.  We will be able to maintain a level head throughout those high-stress time spans of life.  And we will become more comfortable receiving for ourselves the alright-ness that all of us deserve to have in our life (even while we may be going through difficult seasons).      

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