Child-Friendly Parenting

Child-friendly parenting is about parenting our children in a way that feels good to both the child and the parent.  It’s not just about “feelings,” though—it’s about effectiveness.

When we consider what is truly effective in terms of parenting practice, we must consider both the short-term and long-term effects.  Many people grow up in a family and a [church] culture where certain parenting tactics are considered “good” when in fact they are harmful to a child’s development.

No parent is (or can ever be) perfect, but part of the process of self-development is to routinely assess the effectiveness of what we do and to make adjustments where necessary so that we can become more and more effective over time at what we do.

As parents, the list of what we “do” is admittedly endless, but we can still start somewhere (and make positive changes where we can) if we feel that there is room for improvement (which, if we are human—and we are—there most certainly will be space for growth in all of us).