Our Happy Ending Starts Now

About the Book: 31 Thoughts for a Happy Holiday Season by Tiffany Tyndall

If we are honest with ourselves, we might admit that the holiday season sometimes ends up being a very un-happy time for us.  There’s too much to do, too many people to impress, not enough time to accomplish what needs accomplished, and little return on our efforts (or so it seems).

31 Thoughts for a Happy Holiday Season is your answer if you are looking to transform a less-than-joyous internal drive into a positively motivated enthusiasm when faced with the upcoming holidays.

We know intellectually that we are supposed to be happy during the holidays, so why is it so hard at times to actually turn on the happiness (to engage our feel-good emotions) even when there’s so much of it around us in the air as the season unfolds?

Tiffany offers some thoughts that will help you get un-stuck this season as you prepare your heart and your home for the most wonderful time of the year.