Our Happy Ending Starts Now

About the Book Thoughts for Effective Living by Tiffany Tyndall

 Thoughts for Effective Living provides a framework of self-nurturing thoughts for those who want more effectiveness, encouragement, and enjoyment in their life.

Written as a way to document the dynamic of positive personal development, these thoughts are meant to be read slowly and then re-read as needed to promote mental focus in the midst of negative circumstances or emotions.

What makes Thoughts for Effective Living different from affirmations, meditations, or confessions (which serve separate purposes of their own) is that these self-nurturing thoughts are professions of willfulness.  Additionally, these are declarations of what the human will is choosing despite all else.  Furthermore, these are reminders to keep going and to keep growing no matter what.

An example of an entry is the following (which is the first of 74 thoughts):

  1. I Am

I am who I am.

And I can only change my choices.

These choices include my outlook on life, my mindset in the moment, and my response to things that happen throughout the day and over the years.

Despite the challenges I may encounter along the way, I will choose to enjoy my life – because I might as well – and to make the most of each day, as each day is given to me.